When your mother turned 50, you may remember thinking, she’s so old.

All of a sudden, here you are, close to 50 yourself. But you don’t act it, you don’t look it, you don’t even feel it.

But, you have to admit, things are starting to change. All your life, your body has been a source of pleasure, fertility, movement, strength, achievement, and wellbeing. But lately, you may not be feeling yourself. Your mind whispers “menopause” but surely it’s not happening to you yet.

Or is it?

Even if you don’t know much about menopause, you need to know this: menopause is not a disease to be treated, it’s a transition to be experienced. Change is inevitable – women know that better than anyone.

Here is some information to help you recognize if the changes you’re experiencing are menopause-related or not. And either way, the support you need to embrace the change.