You may not know everything about menopause, but one thing you should know: menopause is not a disease to be treated.

It’s a transition to be experienced. Change is inevitable—women know that better than anyone.

Amberen is helping women embrace the change by providing comfort for many of the physical and emotional effects of menopause, from mood swings to anxiety to hot flashes to sleeplessness. Unlike herbal supplements, Amberen works naturally to restore your body’s hormonal balance. Its innovative formula is clinically tested and safe, which is a relief on its own.

Women don’t have to suffer through the changes in their body. They can choose to welcome maturity and the wisdom it brings. They can refuse to think of menopause as the end, but rather, the beginning of an amazing new phase of life. It’s their time to realize their possibilities and do whatever they want, unencumbered. Women are more confident than ever, wiser than ever, bolder than ever, more them than ever. They are embracing the change.