Amberen is a proprietary blend of succinates (US patented), amino acids, minerals and vitamin E. Its main ingredients have been researched for over 45 years.Amberen’s advanced formula has been clinically tested in three human double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical studies and is shown to be a safe and effective solution for menopause,* with no adverse side effects reported.**

Innovative menopause management without hormones, herbs and soy.

  • Clinically
    tested *

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  • 45 years of

  • No side
    effects **

  • Patented


Amberen’s active Ingredients in depth

Ammonium Succinate is mainly distinguished by the following properties.

  • Fast absorption: as naturally occurring molecules, succinates and their derivatives quickly and easily cross biological membranes.
  • Energy production: many studies have shown that the human aging process contributes to the decline of mitochondrial energy metabolism and increased mitochondrial oxidative stress. Succinate molecules act as fuel for mitochondria and help stabilize their energy-production processes.
  • Mitochondrial antioxidant: ammonium succinate acts as an antioxidant and blocks the activity of free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage.
  • Toxic by-products elimination: ammonium succinate promotes elimination of toxic by-products.

Calcium disuccinate is a source of calcium vital for bone-tissue formation, nerve-signal transmission, muscle contractions, and blood clotting. The calcium disuccinate molecule is a chelating agent and aids in the transporting of calcium before it is absorbed in the digestive system.

Magnesium disuccinate is the source of magnesium required for the activity of hundreds of enzymes, muscle relaxation, bone and heart health, the conduction of nerve impulses, maintaining blood pressure, and protein production.

Zinc difumarate is the source of zinc, a mineral found in active centers of over 300 enzymes which require zinc for proper functions. Zinc plays a key role in the synthesis and secretion of many hormones (e.g., insulin), functions of the immune system, normal growth and development, carbohydrate metabolism, and DNA synthesis.

Glycine is an amino acid involved in the processes regulating brain-cell activity. In combination with magnesium, it makes brain mitochondria more resistant to low-oxygen conditions (hypoxia), which, in turn, results in the normalization of the psycho-emotional balance in the body.

Monosodium L-glutamate is a salt of an amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter and regulates the chemical reactions of transamination. Amberen contains a safe, small amount — 40 mg per each serving. Monosodium L-glutamate has been shown to positively affect the performance of mitochondrial-benzodiazepine receptors in peripheral tissues and stabilize energy status. For more details on this ingredient, please visit the FDA website.

Vitamin E in its form as tocopheryl acetate, is a fat-soluble, natural antioxidant that prevents lipid peroxidation of cell membranes. Cell organelles and, most importantly, the DNA contained in the nucleus relies on the membrane to protect them. Antioxidative properties of tocopheryl, supplemented by water-soluble succinate anions, promote the stabilization of the membrane structure, as well as general cell functions.