Many women experience weight gain during menopause. Traditional methods of diets and exercise do not always help in relieving this excess weight.

Although there are many factors that may contribute to menopausal weight gain, two main ones are hormonal imbalance and changes in lifestyle.

Hormonal Imbalance

Menopause is the time of declining ovarian function.

This results in a sharp drop in the levels of the female hormone estradiol, which is mostly made in the ovaries.

Estradiol is a female sex hormone produced primarily in the ovaries. Estradiol plays a number of important functions, from reproduction to bone health.

When the ovarian function declines, fat tissue becomes an additional source of estradiol. That’s why during menopause women’s bodies increase fat content to compensate for the need to produce estradiol.

This subsequently leads to an increase in body weight.

Changes in Lifestyle

Changes in lifestyle also contribute to weight gain.

During menopause most women develop climacteric syndrome with many symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, sleeplessness, stress, low energy, decrease in muscle strength, mood swings, irritability, and headaches.

These symptoms can often create a feeling of exhaustion that leads to a less active lifestyle.

In addition, as we age our cell metabolism slows down. Cell metabolism is crucial to maintaining healthy weight.

This is why even if you are consistent with your diet (given the same caloric intake as before menopause) and exercise, it may not be enough to overcome the physiological challenges of slower metabolism and menopause symptoms.

Finally, switching between different diets can also contribute to weight fluctuations as you try different methods to optimize your health during menopause.

So when you combine menopause symptoms, slower metabolism, incoinsistent diets, and a less active lifestyle, you have the “perfect storm” for menopause weight gain.

How Amberen Helps to Manage Healthy Weight

Amberen contains ammonium succinate that helps restores the mechanisms of self-regulation in one’s body. Specifically , it brings the hormonal levels back to the concentrations that are necessary for normal functions in many organs and systems, and general well being.

This is especially important during menopause as the body goes through a transition of hormonal imbalance.

Amberen restores estradiol concentration to normal levels, which means that the body no longer needs that extra fat reserve that’s needed to continue producing estrogen.

In addition, Amberen relieves a number of symptoms associated with the climacteric syndrome, lowers anxiety, and boosts energy. As the result women can live a more active lifestyles, which also contributes to weight loss.

Other Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is not an illness but a natural, albeit unpleasant, part of aging.

The symptoms of menopause are primarily related to an overall decline of hormones resulting in hormonal imbalance. Only Amberen targets the root cause of menopause by restoring hormonal balance naturally.

Click below to view each symptom that Amberen relieves.

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What makes Amberen so effective?

Your body has a mechanism that regulates hormones. With age, this mechanism wears down, causing loss of hormonal balance. Amberen rejuvenates this regulatory mechanism and alleviates common menopausal symptoms. Watch this video to find out more.

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AMBEREN® targets the root cause of menopause by restoring your hormonal balance naturally.

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Your purchase comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!