What You Need To Know Prior to Taking Amberen

Amberen is a dietary supplement for management of multiple menopause symptoms. It is a daily regimen, which means that it can be continuously taken throughout all stages of menopause.

Amberen is a clinically tested proprietary blend of succinates, amino acids, minerals and vitamin E. It’s free of hormones, drugs, herbs and soy and is not a hormone replacement treatment.

Discover a new level of menopause relief.

How to Take Amberen

  • Take 2 capsules

    Take 2 capsules,
    one orange and one white,
    daily after breakfast.

  • 90 days course

    For best results, use Amberen
    for at least 90 days
    (clinically recommended)*

  • Contact NurseAid

    Contact NurseAid for guidance,
    regimen adjustments, or menopause consultations.††

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