The Amberen Difference

The experience of menopause is unique to every woman. For some, there are a diverse range of physical symptoms, for others, the effects are more emotional. How to manage your own symptoms is a deeply personal choice.

Regardless of what path you choose to manage the changes in your body, the most important thing to look for in a supplement is effectiveness, safety, and thorough clinical testing.

Amberen’s mechanism of action: There are treatments that may mask some symptoms individually, but Amberen is different. Amberen primarily targets the root cause of menopause – hormonal imbalance. Amberen’s formula naturally re-activates the production of hormones your body lacks as a result of maturing. Taking Amberen during a clinically recommended 90-days course helps your body transition back, over time, to its former state of hormonal balance.

Amberen is a non-hormonal, non-herbal, clinically tested supplement for menopause symptom relief with no registered side effects. Amberen makes a positive difference in many women’s lives based on personal stories they share with us.

Multi-symptom menopause management: Menopause has many physical and emotional symptoms that effect every woman differently. Amberen is a multi-symptom relief supplement that individually addresses the root cause of hot flashes, mood swings, sleeplessness, fatigue and other symptoms in a single formulation.
Proprietary ingredients: While most supplements contain generic or herbal ingredients, Amberen is a unique non-herbal, non-hormonal supplement with ingredients produced trough a U. S. patented manufacturing process. Read more about Amberen ingredients here.

No side effects: Amberen has no registered side effects. This is substantiated by three randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies and over 45 years of rigorous research.**

45-day MBG: You can try Amberen for 45 days and if you are not satisfied with the results, we will refund 100% of the purchase price including delivery fees. (Restrictions apply, see Terms & Conditions.)

45-day money back guarantees is limited to oner per household andapplies exclusively to orders placed on or by calling Customer Care at (800) 222-3304. If purchased by a retailer, individual retailer return policy terms apply.

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