5 Things Every Woman Over 50 Knows

Need another reason to celebrate being 50 and fabulous? Here are five of them from Amberen!

1. Forget the right-of-passage short hairdo of yesteryear—we can wear our hair long and still look great. In fact, women over 50 look younger than ever before. For us, 50 is the new 40…or 35!

2. Sex is FUN! With personal lubricants helping to put an end to painful intercourse, we’re ready for romance any time. And we’re good at it! Not only have we shed our inhibitions, best of all, we can’t get pregnant!

3. We can reinvent ourselves. We are confident in our ability to develop new talents, pursue other interests and start another career. Art to zydeco—there’s no limit.

4. The empty nest? Yeah, not so much. As a matter of fact, now that the kids are out of the house, we can better appreciate the time and opportunities to focus on what we want and do what makes us. After decades of nurturing our children’s dreams, we’re wholeheartedly following our own.

5. If not now, then when? We’re in our prime mentally, sexually, socially, spiritually and, for some of us, physically. There’s nothing on our bucket list we won’t go after.

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