Not Your Mother’s Menopause!

America's Relationship Expert, Dr. Wendy Walsh teams up with Amberen - the #1 Multi-Symptom Soy-Free Drug-Free Menopause Relief that is Changing the Lives of Millions of Women - the Natural Way.

"It's not your mother's menopause," says Doctor of Psychology, Dr. Wendy Walsh. "It's the miracle of menopause! It used to be only whispered as a euphemism. "The change" was what our mothers called it, but in an age where 50 is the new 40, women are openly talking about this empowering stage as a symbol of wisdom and healthy aging.".

"Our recognition of perimenopause means women are experiencing symptoms early on, and with today's advances in women's health, there is simply no more reason to suffer in silence like many of our mother's generation did.'

While the symptoms aren't much different from our mother's – hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue, sleeplessness, it's the attitude that's changed. Instead of whispering, today's women openly cross-talk the symptoms and the relationship crisis they often deal with during the transition stage.

"Reframing your notion of menopause starts with me," says Dr. Wendy. "We are the only species on the planet except Pilot whales that evolved to have this time of a woman's life where she is effective, wise, healthy --- and sterile. We exist for a reason! But when the physical and mental symptoms get you down, when you have a short fuse for instance, how can it not cause relationship problems?" says Dr. Walsh. "I've got some relationship strategies, stress reducing tips and other ideas to help your long-term marriage or the new relationship you are in during the transition."

"What I like about Amberen, is that it not only represents innovation in menopause care by naturally restoring hormonal balance, but it also reframes menopause as evolved; and as the brand itself, it understands and inspires women. By helping to relieve up to 12 different symptoms, and by the way we aren't just talking about hot flashes and mood swings, Amberen's single formula also helps with stress, sleeplessness, energy, sex drive and other often ignored menopause discomforts." - says Dr. Wendy.

As the popular host of The Dr. Wendy Walsh Show on iHeartMedia's KFI•AM 640 Los Angeles, psychologist and media personality Wendy Walsh is obsessed with the science of love. In a career that includes major market news anchor, correspondent for such top nationally-syndicated television shows as EXTRA, The Doctors and Dr. Drew, Wendy – who earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology – is also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at California State University Channel Islands, and is the author of three books about relationships.


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