Expressing Love To Others On Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single or married, Valentine’s Day can hold a broader meaning and importance in your life. Especially given that we’re all still dealing with many changes with a continued aim for a healthier year. It’s now more than ever that we must be there for others.

Loving others can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. It can also extend beyond your spouse and immediate family members.

Tips To Spreading Love To Others

Strangers: You can spread love to perfect strangers by doing random acts of kindness. These demonstrations don’t necessarily need to cost a thing like giving up that primo parking spot. You can also sign up to volunteer your time to help deliver groceries to the elderly. Be kind and smile to strangers such as the cashier at your local retail store. Striking up a pleasant conversation by asking how someone’s day is can go a long way. You might make someone’s day by being friendly and striking up a casual dialogue.

Friends: Show love to your friends by reaching out to them. Whether it’s texting, emailing, or giving them a phone call, asking them how they’re doing takes the focus off of you. Practice listening more and speaking less. Your friends will notice and appreciate your active listening skills. It’s easy to be lonely or get “the blues” when adjusting to COVID lockdowns and new lifestyle changes. Ensuring you keep connected to your friends while social distancing can help you maintain the moral support you need and your friends will equally feel loved for it.

Immediate Family: You might have immediate family such as parents, siblings, uncles, and aunts spread across the country. Many people aren’t lucky to have all their relatives living in the same city. Consider making a personalized Valentine’s Day card with pictures of your family to send to relatives. Keeping in touch with immediate family shows that you care about their wellbeing and wish to stay connected. This is especially important for elderly family members that live alone and are susceptible to feeling down or lonesome. Virtual wellness checkups via video call for all family is one way to demonstrate your love and concern.

Kids: Whether you have a child or children, our new lifestyle changes have had a big impact on them. And while there are areas in our country that are still locked down or have limited access, there are things you can do to reduce indoor restlessness. The best way you can show your love to your child/children is to spend quality time with them. DIY Valentine’s arts and crafts can be a great way to keep your kiddos stimulated. Creative arts1 are said to help improve cognitive development, fine motor, language, and math skills in a child’s growing brain. These arts and crafts projects can be posted on social, shared with family, or taped up on your wall to celebrate your child’s accomplishments.

Significant Other: Show your significant other you care by paying attention to their love language. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 love languages2. Although Valentine’s Day tends to be a day to exchange gifts, gifts may not be your partner’s love language. It can be spending quality time, acts of service, physical touch, or words of affirmation. Most likely, you know which is your partner’s love language. Demonstrating love in the way they prefer to receive it will show them that you are paying attention and genuinely care. Remember, romance and intimacy take work as we age. But investing in knowing how your partner feels loved will pay off in potentially reducing miscommunication and disappointment.

Final Thoughts

There are many people that you can share your love with. Those that especially can use a little encouragement during uncertain times when so many things are in flux. When you give from your heart, you get back. Don’t forget to show yourself love by managing your perimenopause or menopause symptoms with either Amberen Perimenopause or Menopause, clinically tested, multi-symptom relief. When you care for yourself by controlling your hormonal imbalance with Amberen, you’ve got more energy and love to share with others.

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