The classic signs of perimenopause are so similar to PMS that sometimes, it’s hard to tell when one ends and the other begins. Wondering whether you’re starting the transition to menopause? Take this quiz and find out!

1. It’s midnight. You’re:

a. Sound asleep.
b. Playing Candy Crush.
c. Getting busy with your partner.

2. You’ve asked your child three times to turn off the TV and come to dinner. Still no answer. You:

a. Hit the power button on the remote control and calmly show him to his seat.
b. Put him in time out, but not before you give him an earful.
c. Ask one final time then threaten to withhold dessert.

3. You’re getting dressed in the morning. You choose:

a. Your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a cute fitted top.
b. The baggiest pair of sweats you own—you’ve been so bloated lately.
c. Your tried-and-true workout leggings.

4. It’s that time of the month again. You’re expecting:

a. Business as usual. Your period runs like clockwork.
b. Who knows? Your period has been so erratic lately.
c. The same as last month, though you may have a slight change in cramps or mood swings.

5. It’s time to leave for work. Your keys are:

a. Exactly where you left them last night.
b. Missing (again!).
c. Somewhere at the bottom of your bag.

Mostly a’s or c’s: If you’ve been enjoying fairly predictable menstrual cycles, weight gain and sleep patterns, chances are you haven’t entered into perimenopause. But consult your doctor if you’re unsure. He or she will make that judgment that based on your symptoms, age, history of periods and pelvic exam.

Mostly b’s: Don’t feel like yourself lately? You may be in perimenopause, which is marked by such symptoms as irregular periods, mood swings, forgetfulness, bloating and insomnia. While some women prefer to ride out the symptoms, others find relief through supplements like Amberen. Consult your doctor to see what course of action is best for you.