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Women have always relied on other women for insight and support through the passages of life. Today, many of us are managing menopause effectively with Amberen. With more than 5 million boxes sold and over 11,000 5-star reviews on Amazon alone**. it’s an honor to share such amazing stories as they say it best.

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Linda R.
Linda R.
Five Stars

“With Amberen, I don’t feel as stressed or irritated. I’m going out. I’m just doing more stuff, and I feel like the Linda I used to be.”**

Amberen Menopause

Linda M.
Linda M.
Five Stars

“The old days were like a rollercoaster. After I started taking Amberen, my hormones became balanced. I feel like I found my life again”**

Amberen Menopause

Alibaba C.
Five Stars

“I’ve only been using the perimenopause tabs for a month. So far so good 😊. I just ordered my second box. I started to see a difference, I know this takes time to really roll up. I will keep taking them.” **

Amberen Perimenopause

Tonya J.
Five Stars

“I’ve been taking it for about 3 weeks now
and I can definitely tell a difference
in my mood, sleeping and
those darn hot flashes.”**

Amberen Perimenopause


03/26/18 Star Five

"Worked for me!"

"Hot flashes are my biggest complaint. They worked very well on me. I had to change from taking them everyday to every other day because they were a little strong for me. Otherwise I have no complaints. When I meet other people going thru what I was going thru I always suggest Amberen. Even the nurse at my gynecologist office. "**

Linda Akil

08/08/19 Star Four


"Lessened my hot flashes. Slept through the night for about 4 months...then the sweats started back up. Dropped it for a couple of months and started taking it again and is working for me again. "**


03/19/18 Star Five

"Awesome "

"It has saved my life. I didn't want to go out in public due to my sweating. Won't use anything else. Thank you "**


08/07/19 Star Two

"Amberen "

"I been taking amberen for 3 months and it helped with mood swing, it helped with me sleep better. But it didn't do to good with my hot flashes. I wanted to know how long do I need to take them to see improvement with the hot flashes???"**


08/09/19 Star Five


"Amberen it's the best thing happen in my life I Love it"**


08/08/19 Star Five

"It actually works!"

"It took away my hot flashes within a few days...my attitude changed pretty quickly as well...best part it is all natural without gluten and soy."**


08/08/19 Star One

"Did not work for me"

"Still got a lot of hot flashes through out the day and nite"**


08/08/19 Star Five

"Works great!"

"I have noticed a big improvement in my symptoms! "**


08/08/19 Star Four


"I am still experiencing horrible hot flashes but I think the rest of my symptoms stabilized."**


08/08/19 Star Five

"Love it!"

"I tell all of my friends about this! Works great!"**


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