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Women have always relied on other women for insight and support through the passages of life. Nowadays many of us are managing menopause effectively with Amberen. It’s an honor to share such amazing stories as they say it best.***

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  • 27/9/2016

I feel great! All is well with the world

I am 54 years old fully equipped with uterus and ovaries and started having peri menopausal symptoms in my late forties and went into full menopause at 50. I started having hot flashes during the day and night as well as night sweats and restless sleep. I heard a radio ad about Amberen. I hurried home to check it out, read the many testimonials about its success for women around the country, and then ordered it. Through the daily monitoring chart I found that the fully caffeinated coffee I was drinking daily might make my hot flashes stay with me, so I stopped the caffeine on a daily basis, and they went away after a few days. I am now on the last few weeks of my final first 90 days on Amberen and feel great! All is well with the world. Thank you, Lunada and Amberen, for having a great over-the-counter and affordable solution. I am on a mission to help women in our area learn more about safe and affordable alternatives! Keep talking to us on the radio Amberen and I’m spreading the word as well!†

  • 27/9/2016

Thank you for giving me back my sanity, sense of humor and life.

Dear Amberen, Most consumers find it easier to complain when a product does not work. Few are quick to thank companies when products do work. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for this product. While currently in my early 40s, I began suffering from perimenopause after having my second child at the age of 33. The past few years have been unbearable, and that’s putting it lightly. I was having hot flashes every 25 minutes. If I could personally thank whoever took the time to invent this product that gave me back my life, I’d probably kiss him and thank him with tears in my eyes. My only complaint is that the product was not advertised sooner and made more visible and accessible at local stores. Anyway, thank you for giving me back my sanity, sense of humor and life. From a very satisfied customer.†

  • 16/8/2016

Your product brought back feelings I hadn’t had in a long time.

I can’t tell you how your product has turned around my life! I’m only 41, and although I’m not in the season of change of my life, my sex life had become a boring afterthought I’d left behind. Inside one week, your product brought back feelings I hadn’t had in a long time. Thank you! P.S. I tell all my girlfriends in their 40s & 50s on Facebook about your amazing product!†

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