5 Ways To Shower Yourself With Self-Love

February is famous for the big heart-day on the 14th. While many associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love, it doesn’t always have to be. Yes, celebrating your significant other is essential, but so is caring for yourself.

Every month you’re likely slammed with responsibilities. If you’re a mom, you’re busy helping the kids with virtual learning. You might be juggling work while simultaneously managing the home front, including the family’s budget, preparing the taxes, and all while dealing with hormonal imbalance!

You’re likely in the habit of putting yourself last and placing others above yourself. But this is precisely why this month you should consider showering yourself with a little self-love. Below are some simple ways that you can reclaim personal freedom by putting yourself first.

5 Easy Self-Love Tips:

  1. Just Say No: The number one rule to self-love is to say no. If you’re being asked to take on more than what your bandwidth can handle, it’s okay to say no. There’s nothing wrong with delegating responsibility so that you have more breathing room. Saying no is not a negative thing but an act of self-preservation.
  2. Do Personal Care: Say yes to personal care. Personal care can often be pushed aside when you get busy running a household. So don’t forget to take extra time drawing up a bubble bath, dress up, put on make-up, and fix your hair even if you don’t feel like it. Beauty therapy experts1 suggest that looking good makes you feel better.
  3. Get Sleep: Everyone knows that you can’t function properly without sleep. While hormonal imbalance can often cause sleeplessness, there are things you can do to get better rest. Tips for better sleep during hormonal change include: Avoid napping during the day, reduce caffeine, exercise regularly, relax before bed, and keep your room cool. Don’t be shy and see your doctor if sleeplessness continues.
  4. Talk To Friends: Social distancing is one thing, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking up the phone and talking to your friends. Moral support is vital during uncertain times, and that’s why it’s important to lean on friends via text, email, or phone calls. Not only will you be helping yourself, but providing support and love to others.
  5. Make Time For You: You need to make “me time” to reduce the risk of burning out. Carve out time to do your favorite hobbies, whether it’s gardening, painting, writing, catching up on a good book, or simply relaxing. Making time for your favorite hobbies can build self-confidence, empower you, and benefit your mental health.

Final Thoughts

Love is more than considering your significant other or family during V-Day. This month don’t forget to put yourself first. Make self-love a priority by implementing the above tips plus taking our Amberen Perimenopause or Amberen Menopause daily for clinically tested, multi-symptom relief, and to improve hormonal imbalance. Self-love matters, and so does consistency, which is critical when taking Amberen so that you can feel better about yourself and feel like yourself again.

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