New Year New You: Tips To Accomplishing 2021 Goals

Most of us can admit that 2020 was a year full of ups, downs, and unprecedented turn of events. What’s most refreshing about January is that it signifies change and gives us all a renewed sense of hope. Though lots of people have good intentions of making a to-do list, how many end up succeeding?

According to U.S. News & World Report1, a meager 8% of annual objectives are accomplished while a whopping 80 percent of new year’s resolutions fail by February. Though it may seem daunting juggling hormonal imbalance and your ambitions, here are tips to help you reach the finish line.


  1. SHIFT YOUR ATTITUDE: Having an attitude of optimism is key to accomplishing any goal. This includes managing hormonal imbalance with Amberen. If you start out thinking this isn’t going to work before you even try it, you’re setting yourself up to expect only negative results. It’s the same with personal goals. It’s okay if you have self-doubt, but don’t allow negative thinking to take over and cause fear. Fear can often cause people to procrastinate or not even begin at all.
  2. BEGIN SMALL: It’s okay to have big goals, but smaller manageable goals help you achieve them instead of aiming too high. Say one of your goals is to start running. If you’ve never run a single mile, you shouldn’t expect yourself to run 10 miles a day. It’s better to size up your situation, consider your resources, and be realistic with what you can actually physically and mentally accomplish. It’s a whole lot better to start off with small goals like running a mile 3 times a week or even start off walking daily before expecting yourself to become a marathoner overnight.
  3. MAKE HEALTH A PRIORITY: After 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic, good health is likely on everyone’s minds. Without good health, it’s hard to accomplish any of your goals. Good health includes a number of things such as taking your daily vitamins, eating healthier by adding more vegetables, fruits, salads, and eating lean protein. Thinking of your health includes many things, such as exercising and eating better. Staying mobile and eating healthier improves sleep, plus helps manage perimenopause and menopause symptoms in addition to taking Amberen*. Finally, getting an annual well-woman exam is vital as you age. While you’re seeing your doctor obtaining routine scans such as checking your blood pressure, ask for a general blood draw. A blood panel can check for blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid levels, hormonal levels, etc. Prevention means staying ahead of potential health issues.
  4. HAVE A PERSONAL PROJECT OR GOAL: A personal project can be practical, like trying to save money. Therefore you can try creating a spreadsheet to track family spending. Likewise, your personal goal can be creative, such as beautifying your backyard and starting that garden you’ve been putting off. Gardening can be relaxing and an excellent way to reduce stress. Your personal project can also be fun side hobby, like starting a new blog or writing blog posts on an existing one you’ve neglected. Personal passion projects or goals can build self-esteem, improve your outlook in life, be a creative outlet, and provide a sense of self-satisfaction.
  5. CUT BAD HABITS: Bad habits don’t necessarily mean smoking or drinking, although both exacerbate perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Too much caffeine can also make bothersome symptoms of menopause even more bothersome. A bad habit could be considered staying plugged into your smartphone surfing the internet too late at night, which can disrupt your sleep. It can mean eating too many sugary foods and sweets. Another bad habit might be chronic negative thoughts or negative, self-defeating talk. Do you have a bad habit you’d like to cut out this 2021 and need help doing so? Consider reaching out to necessary resources in your community or through your insurance to potentially help eliminate bad habits.

Final Thoughts

While 2020 was filled with unexpected ups and downs, we’ve got a fresh start this January. Having a new year’s resolution list is good, but what’s even more important is following through with your goals. Remember, you can stay productive, focusing on personal ambitions with Amberen Perimenopause and Amberen Menopause. Both offer multi-symptom relief and are clinically shown* to be safe and effective†. Make Amberen a part of your daily life and tackle your goals this 2021.


This blog post and the recommendations made herein are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used as healthcare advice. Individuals are encouraged to consult their healthcare provider with questions about their specific needs.

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