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Amberen Advanced Menopause Relief Capsules

Amberen safely relieves up to 12 menopause symptoms and is:

Effective within 30 days

Clinically tested & safe

Free of Estrogen, soy and herbs

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No Drugs

No Hormones

No Herbs

No Soy

45 Years of Research

No Side Effects

Clinically Proven Results

2 capsules. 12 symptoms. 24-hour relief.

In a study with women aged 42–60*


average improvement across 12 reported menopause symptoms

*12-week, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study with 125 women aged 42–60 with mild to moderate menopause symptoms.

Why You Need Amberen

As early as 35 years old, a woman's brain starts losing sensitivity to receiving messages from her reproductive system, like when to produce estrogen. This can lead to a hormonal imbalance accompanied by bothersome symptoms.

How Amberen Works

Amberen uses succinates. Succinates act as adaptogens. They help stimulate cells so the brain and body communicate better. Amberen's main perimenopause and menopause formula is the ONLY one that contains succinates. It's clinically proven to balance estrogen levels and alleviate up to 12 symptoms.

Why everyone loves Amberen

Key Ingredients


Amino Acids

Vitamin E


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19,000+ Trusted Customer Reviews

Jeannine G.

I was struggling with mood swings, feelings of just "blah" and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I knew peri-menopause was on the horizon but the emptions were no joke. I took this regularly for 6 months to regular my mood and it worked like a gem! I am no longer on it but will refer people over and over if they are suffering with the same things I was

Tammy M.

Love this product! I've been taking them for about 12 days now and I can see a big difference!

Zoey L.

This one product has done more to give me restful sleep than any other. Have used it for years with no night sweats since I started it. It's the one thing I cannot live without

Vicky H.

Been using for 8 years! If I miss 2 days in a row taking Amberen, my body lets me know. I do have occasional night sweats but nothing like the HOT FLASHES & NIGHT SWEATS before taking it.

Molly H.

I write very few reviews, but this one's worth it!

For many years (no kidding), I've suffered with terrible night sweats where I'd have to change all of my clothes and even blow dry my hair in the middle of the night.

I've tried a few other supplements that haven't worked, but then I ran across the Amberen reviews and decided to give it a shot. Within a week of first taking it, night sweats GREATLY decreased.

And now... 3 months in, I NEVER have them, and my overall sleep quality is SO much better, too! In fact, I don't know who's happier -- me or my HUSBAND! Ha!

Anyway, 5 stars for Amberen, and I hope they never stop making this stuff!

Aaron M.

My wife tells me that this product REALLY DOES WORK!! For her at least. She is highly recommending to other women getting 'up there' in age to at least TRY IT OUT!! She tried so many other things, but this one just works! Then, one time she forgot to pack them for a trip and man oh man... Let's just say I will not let her forget it again!

Amy S.

I’m 52 and was starting to get hot flashes. I was waking up every morning with my shirt off. I would get so hot my chest and back would sweat and I had to change my pillowcase every day. I had a few hot flashes, mainly at home in the evening that lasted a few minutes. I would feel panicked and have to take my robe or shirt off. My husband is under blankets while I’m in a tank top and shorts. (As a side note: I was diagnosed with severe anemia in Oct 2021 and was extremely cold natured for several years. Even though my iron level is much better, being hot is very abnormal for me). Someone told me about Amberen several years ago, so I decided to try it. At the time it didn’t do much for me because I didn’t need it yet. When all of these menopause symptoms started about 3 months ago, I decided to try it again. I’m an instant gratification person but decided to stick with it. I’m not sure how long it took for me to notice a difference, but I’d say less than than a month. I honestly didn’t think about it, I just noticed that I wasn’t waking up with my shirt off. I haven’t woken up sweating at night since I’ve been taking it. There was no moment when I thought “this stuff is working now!” I’m not sure about mood changes because I’ve always been somewhat grouchy. I’ve gained weight, but that’s because I’ve been eating poorly. I know some women eat healthy and exercise and still gain weight when they start going through menopause, but I’m not one of those women. I’ve recommended it to SO many people. I always tell them that I’m a skeptic for over the counter products that make unsubstantiated claims, but I stand behind Amberen 100%. I’m not on HRT at this time. As far as sexual issues that come with age, I don’t notice a difference there, unfortunately. I may end up on HRT, but I will continue to use Amberen as long as my doctor says it’s ok. I don’t know what is in this supplement , but I don’t care. The resolution of hot flashes is enough for me to keep taking it. I’m usually inconsistent with medications, but I do not forget this one! I’ve had ZERO side effects from it. If you’re having hot flashes and other menopause symptoms, go to the drugstore and get some today! It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny. I hope it works for everyone else as it had for me!

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