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Women have always relied on other women for insight and support through the passages of life. Today, many of us are managing menopause effectively with Amberen. With more than 5 million boxes sold and over 11,000 5-star reviews on Amazon alone**. it’s an honor to share such amazing stories as they say it best.

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Linda R.
Linda R.
Five Stars

“With Amberen, I don’t feel as stressed or irritated. I’m going out. I’m just doing more stuff, and I feel like the Linda I used to be.”**

Amberen Menopause

Linda M.
Linda M.
Five Stars

“The old days were like a rollercoaster. After I started taking Amberen, my hormones became balanced. I feel like I found my life again”**

Amberen Menopause

Alibaba C.
Five Stars

“I’ve only been using the perimenopause tabs for a month. So far so good 😊. I just ordered my second box. I started to see a difference, I know this takes time to really roll up. I will keep taking them.” **

Amberen Perimenopause

Tonya J.
Five Stars

“I’ve been taking it for about 3 weeks now
and I can definitely tell a difference
in my mood, sleeping and
those darn hot flashes.”**

Amberen Perimenopause


08/08/19 Star Five


"My experience was wonderful no more hot flashes!"**


08/08/19 Star Five

"Works Great"

"Since I have been taking Amberen I no longer get hot flashes and it helps with some of the other symptoms of meopause that I was having and still have some. For the most part the hot flashes ere by far the worst of symptoms so I keep taking Amberen to ward off those. Great Product. Highly recommend. "**


08/09/19 Star Four

"I was pleasantly surprised."

"I have tried everything but hormones. So this was a godsend. No more mood swings, insomnia or irritability. Still have some night sweats but no more hot flashes.Thank you so much. Getting auto delivery so I never run out."**


08/13/19 Star Five


"I was having night sweats horribly for years I would wake up soaked sometimes. I wasn't sleeping well I was moody. I seen this product and thought well why not. Started taking it within the first week I really was shocked I totally was not expecting it to do a darn thing but I have never had night sweats again. I don't even remember to take it every day and still not one night have I woke from night sweats. It took about a month and I was sleeping a lot more now I'm up to 8 hrs a night if I go to bed and give myself 8 hrs to sleep. My moods are better but more so I don't seemed so stressed over the little things. I am 49 yrs old and I will continue using this product and I have recommended it to friends and co-workers. "**


08/08/19 Star Five

"Cant live without it!"

"Absolute best product. No more hot flashes or night sweats. 100 % happy customer. Best money I ever spent."**


08/08/19 Star Five

"Works for my wife."

"Their delivery and occasional sales make it worth it for my wife. Their formula helps my wife's symptoms a lot, and keep her content. As with all supplement ingredients, they do not all affect everybody the same way, but happily these do work for their intended purpose. Delivery after payment has always been timely, and prices a scoche better than distributors with the larger bundles."**


08/08/19 Star Five

"It works "

"I was struggling with multiple menopause symptoms. Within the first week my hit flashes had considerably minimized and I could feel a difference in my moods. I have been taking Amberen for 2 years. "**


08/08/19 Star Five

"Awesome product!!! "

"No more hot flashes!!! It really helps with feelings of anxiousness. "**


08/08/19 Star Four

"Energized !"

"I have more Energie and I don't have to change my pjs at night because the heat flashes are more controlled at least at night."**


08/08/19 Star Five

"Great supplement, really works"

"Amberen worked within the first month, or less. I've been taking it for 10 months. I noticed the last month that the hot flashes were coming more frequently. Thankfully the nightsweats were not, but when I called to potentially stop my auto ship, I spoke with the support and she was kind enough to tell me that I possibly needed to stop taking it for a period of time to get it to start working again. I appreciate the suggestion. I've been off for nearly a month and have noticed a sharp increase in hot flashes and night sweats both. I will be starting again as soon as my one month break is done!!"**


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