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The Amberen Difference

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Have you tried other menopause supplements that haven’t been able to relieve all your symptoms? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the supplements available and unsure which product to choose? Amberen has a history of scientific research supporting it, including gold standard placebo-controlled clinical trials and more than 45 years of research into its main ingredients, because we care about the quality of our product and how it will help you.

That’s why you will not find any herbs or hormones in our menopause supplement. Amberen is not a drug, but a proprietary supplement that helps restore hormonal balance.*

In choosing Amberen, you receive a clinically tested product and complimentary menopause consultations by NurseAidTM. NurseAidTM is a team of customer service specialists specifically trained to answer questions about our products and to help you determine which one is right for you.††

Amberen Box

The Perimenopause Difference

Amberen Box
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What is perimenopause, and why is Amberen different? As a woman matures her hormones are the first to start changing, and it begins during her younger perimenopausal years (as early as mid-thirties).

Perimenopause is the stage before menopause when hormonal changes in the body lead to bothersome symptoms. Some of the typical changes that occur may begin with your menstrual cycle – it can become shorter, longer, irregular and you may experience changes in flow.

Once you haven’t had a period in 12 consecutive months, you are in menopause. Other perimenopause symptoms include fatigue, irritability, sleeplessness, as well as increased mood changes, especially heightened anxiety and stress. Read More...

The truth is there aren’t a lot of perimenopause products on the market today. Not to mention, clinically tested ones. The good news, Amberen has identified the need. Amberen Perimenopause is an innovative multi-symptom relief formula that has been specifically developed to address physical and emotional changes a woman’s body goes through during perimenopause. More than that, it has been clinically tested on perimenopausal women in a 6-month gold standard clinical trial.

We at Amberen offer a proprietary antioxidants-based formula that helps maintain hormonal balance while not containing any drugs or hormones. In helping to balance hormones, Amberen Perimenopause works in harmony with your body to restore menstrual regularity.^ Best of all, our newly designed product is enhanced with a powerful Smart B® Complex for maximum relief.*

The Amberen Perimenopause difference is simple. There is no other product with our unique proprietary blend that has been clinically tested on perimenopausal women just like you.


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